Crested Butte

The Town of Crested Butte, population +/-2,500, lies in northern Gunnison County, 230 miles southwest of Denver. Crested Butte started as a mining town and incorporated in 1880. Today it is a National Historic District and an outdoor recreation destination, surrounded by national forests and mountains, including the popular Crested Butte ski resort. Crested Butte is known as “The Wildflower Capital of Colorado” and also “Colorado’s Last Great Ski-Town”.


Crested Butte City Info:

Located in Gunnison County, Colorado, USA

Coordinates: 38°52′04″N 106°58′38″W

Incorporated: July 15, 1880

Area: 0.84 sq mi (2.18 km2) 

Elevation of Town: 8,885 ft (2,715 m), Ski-Base Area: 9,375 (2,856m), 2255 Wildcat: 9,689 ft (2,953 m), Summit of Mount CB: 12,162 ft (3,707 m)

Time zone: Mountain Standard Time

ZIP Codes: 81224 & 81225 Area code: 970


CB in Pop Culture:

  • Crested Butte is the town Bud Light took over for a weekend in 2014 and renamed "Whatever, USA".

  • Academy Award winner director James Cameron has spent a lot of time at his cabin in Crested Butte. James Cameron's movie Avatar has very tangible parallels to Crested Butte with regard to both mining issues and environmental coexistence. One of the people who led the fight against the proposed molybdenum mine on Mount Emmons in the late 1970s, former mayor W Mitchell, uses a wheelchair, just like the protagonist in Avatar. 

  • CB Olympians - Crested Butte is the home of Aaron Blunck, American freestyle skier, and Emma Coburn who specializes in the 3000 meter steeplechase.